1205  NASHVILLE HIGHWAY

                 LEWISBURG, TENNESSEE 37091


      Looking for a place where you can fit in, a place that you can find rest in a world that has no peace to offer?  A place that cares about you and not about what you own or do not own. A place where you can get help in a life full of struggles.  If this sounds like what you are searching for, then this is the place for you.

  We are a multicultural non-denominational church.  A Church that is like a net that was cast into the sea, there are people from all walks of life  in this congregation.   Many whom have struggled with addictions, rejection, and hurt. These same people are living free from these struggles and are living a life filled with joy. What do you have to lose besides a problem, or a heart ache. 

  A Church where the Spirit of God is healing broken spirits and broken lives.  Families that were on the verge of falling apart are being restored.  You will literally feel the presence of God in this place.
    There is a place were pieces of broken lives can be restored. Just bring all the pieces, you don’t have to have it all together. Just willing to give Jesus what you have left and He will make it right.

    Come join us and find out what God has for you. It doesn’t matter what your past is like , we all have a past and not one in the Church can say that they did not need the grace of God.  Come see what you have been missing. You will be glad that you did.